He That Would Be Hamlet

Kit Norna
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My name is Kesteros Norna, though I much prefer the name of Kit, thank you. I am not sure I should be releasing such potentially dangerous secrets about myself on such a public source, but I am sure my enemies will not be so low as to track me from it. I am a runaway from The Hollows, an institution for magically gifted children in Suffolk, England (please read: prison), and a recently discovered sailor senshi in the service of the Queen of Uranus. This fact isshocking, but not as shocking as the wealth of a past life I am discovering I had. I lived with a theatre troupe called Mirage for some years, now I am in residence with my queen and my comrades Kiara, Ryuu and Helene. My shoulder has also been abducted by a pixie called Stilleto that says she is my guide. However, she is more talented at giving me earrache.
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