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He · That · Would · Be · Hamlet

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The playwrights are my friends. When I cannot decide how to think, they have answers. I am fully of the opinion that they are the wisest individuals to have walked toe universe.

In Greek tragedy, resolutions come through death or divine intervention. I do not want the tragedy of Saints and Ismene and myself - and indeed all of us - to be resolved through death. And I no longer have faith in divine intervention. I believe it is time to forge a new kind of tragedy that is resolved by human actions. It is time to gain some control. This is why I shall bring about catharsis by solving Saints' woes.

Brave words from someone who has had his heart torn apart.

I do not know. I simple do not know. I have to believe I am doing the right thing. I have to believe solving Saints will mean something.

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It hardly feels as though I should be writing about myself now.

For the count, something peculiar happened to me. I was struggling to keep a grip upon... anything, holding my sister's body to my chest, when a strange inclination came over me. Something in my mind informed me the correct thing to do in this situation would be to demand a duel off the monster. Which if one contemplates it, is hardly a sensical thing to do, hardly the thing I would have said I would do had you hypothetically asked me what I would do in a situation such as this one. However, I could not stop myself. As we duelled, I began to recall the swordplay teacher I had in my past life, and how to use my blade.However, the creature was better. It fought like...

I cannot find a suitable metaphor. It fought like the man I am swiftly beginning to remember.

...but it cannot be him, it cannot! He wasn't anything like this monster! If he is the monster... why does he claim to be my son, why does he say he loved my sister, and why does he torment me like this?!?!
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confused Confused.
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The gods are laughing at us.

I attemptd to kill myself last night. I went to the river and made a bid to drown. I was stopped, however, because my comrade had intervened on my behalf. I cannot take it upon myself to be grateful. Not after what happened yet.

Ismene came to me the day after, and we proceeded to argue. It is all we do now, it seems. I do not know whether we became like that gradually, or we always were destined to be. Perhaps our prior friendship was a cruel fallacy.

I shall cease, because it is almost sacreligious to write those words now...

The creature, the abomination that has been stalking me, came through the windows. She ran to him, they reunited, and just as it looked as though he would embrace her, the game changed. Alas, I can barely proceed, barely bring myself to...

He ran her through. Straight through. And seconds later she died in my arms, with me prattling her name like a desperate fool overhead. There was nothing gentle, nothing generous about that death! I have yet to understand, even begin to comprehend why--

I will kill him. I will really kill him. Words are futile in this moment.
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distressed Murderous&broken
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The latest in the story of Kesteros Norna wholly and utterly failing in his new career as senshi:

I have been kidnapped. Borne away, hoodle-winked, abducted. So has my little sister, Ismene. The fiends concealed themselves in my room, waiting until Ismene came to bid me a goodnight (and Hades! Has she been forsty in my company of late.) and then sprang out, taking us by surprise. They were clearly trained ruffians, but that is no excuse. I should have grabbed my henshin wand immediately. They have it now. And us.

I have failed at simply everything since coming to Uranus, everything. I am contemplating drowning myself in a river, surrounded by dead man's fingers and singing lauds. I am not sure I could persuade that Saints creature to arrive with a poisoned sword and stab me.

Oh, woe, woe!

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angry Enraged.
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